The Beginning

I feel my eyes get heavy as my brain and heart work in unison working hard, beating ravishingly and brain not stopping producing thoughts that will not settle in my brain. Whether it is merely a person I thought close and dear to me or the cries of those who are occupied. My body craves sleep but my conscious and soul agree it cannot rest, at least not yet because I have a job to do. I sit, time and time again just sitting upright and staring at the darkness in my room, i find it beautiful, I can imagine whatever I want to be in this darkness, it can be a lover or it can be home no matter the imagination it is me in peace because I know for once that no one will walk out, nothing will occur without me knowing and above all, I am where I want to be. Some days it is in the arms of my mother, other days it is in the arms of my motherland. This idea that I know no one will lie and claim they need to go or no one will be preoccupied and I can witness this utopian society. Why must the world have excess hate and greed that we can’t get over ourselves, why is it that we waste time on people who won’t even look at us? I ask myself those questions daily seeking an remedy for this poison in the vessels of this giant body known as mankind, and now I will sit and wonder and crave for this utopian society where those oppressed will be free and those oppressing brought to justice but for now I can only simply dream.


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