Looks are Deceiving

I start this narration with the cliché saying that, “The saddest people wear the biggest smiles.” I start it as so because I realize that as I grow closer to some they hold this everlasting mourn over their head. I know you should never judge a book or in this case a person by their looks but so many others do, so many others neglect others emotions and their enigmas. We need to all be appreciative for what we have because a family may seem happy and up-and-about, whereas in the house they might be dysfunctional and barely running, but then again there can be sadly worse. There is always worse than what we think it is a scary thing, the fact that we may think we have it the worse and our emotions are unbearable and we with all our might can’t hold it and just breakdown but someone out there has it worse. Someone can have nothing, rubble might be considered more valuable than them but in the eyes of others they are gold, they’re this mineral unpriced by man. We are all valuable, we are all immensely precious, and you know what we all do need someone or even something to rely on when it all comes crashing down from our surrounding and you have me, and so many others. Do not underestimate others hardships and do not underestimate your value, value yourself just as others value you, the millions you are.


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