Citizen of The World.

This is the story of the person with a dual citizenship and a cultural fusion.
I was born and raised in a country where I was raised and nurtured in an environment that supported open mindedness and secular ideas and the idea that if you want it you go get it no matter what. Then I was moved and lived in another country that supported the ideas that no matter what family must come first, that you cannot just act on impulse and that everything you have is a blessing and the smallest things you take for granted are priorities. I was born and raised in a country that rants about which celebrity got impregnated and which celebrity is on drugs and then lived in another country that every day there was a new death, a new neighbor mourning the death of their family. I lived in a country that has buses going around to neighborhoods picking up students to go to school and then lived in another country where there where only three taxi drivers going around in the village to take students to school and you would have to fit fourteen people in a taxi of seven. I lived in two countries that wanted me to die for them because each one was home. But, both of these countries are my home but when I am in both of the countries I am an outcast because both see me as aliens because my ideas are too liberal or conservative for their liking. I value family but understand sometimes you need to go against them for the best of outcomes, I understand other religions but stand steadfast in my beliefs, I appreciate everything I have but I want more, I thrive for the best of the best but not just for me but for all. I want to give my all for both of the countries but I am not accepted in either. Then it hit me, I am no citizen of neither countries but a citizen of the world. I strive for all just as I strive for myself, I don’t die for either country but for the citizens of all the countries, for the betterment of the world not one single person, corporation, or country.


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