Fully Empty Mind

I catch myself zoned out at different times of the day, sometimes I’ll be in class and at the end of class I’ll realize I wasn’t listening to anything the teacher was saying even though I’ve been blankly staring at the board for almost 3 hours. I may be in a conversation with someone and not remember a thing after the end of the conversation. During those zoned out periods my head feels like tons of boulders are laid atop, I feel a million and one things flying through my head yet I cannot grasp one idea and remember it. I feel like they’re going to fly out of my head through my ears just like the steam that the cartoons let out in those bugs bunny episodes. I can’t control it, it is just so immensely controlling me I don’t even know what to do anymore. It has taken up so much of my day, and my eyes you would look in them and you just see the emptiness and this endless void in them. This was the old me, this is the person I left back awhile ago, but sometimes I catch myself slipping and falling into that dead and empty solitude but sometimes I miss it, I miss that solitude and that could just sit countless hours and just be lost in this world that is so mysterious and so vast that no even the brain can understand it. What a beauty it is to be so lost yet in tranquility.


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