My bliss is when I can sit and just listen to the emptiness in the room. When I can sit and know when I close my eyes and open them it will still be pitch black. I find tranquility in the emptiness, I find ease in the solitude, and I rejoice of having only the company of my thoughts. Despite the solitude I feel surrounded, I feel perfectly fine sitting here and just nonstop typing on this screen for people who may or may not read it, I do not expect positive or negative feedback but I only aspire for someone to read this and relate and realize they are not alone, none of us are alone. I sit here on my laptop and rant nonstop to a screen just dreaming to reach one person. I only do this in the darkness of my room, I sit upright pillow and laptop in my lap and just type till my fingers cannot pour anymore out. When all is said and done I lay in this world of mine and contemplate about how so many people have changed, even just left you in an instant. This world is cruel, we all know that but my room, my empty dark room it is my great escape, it is just pure bliss.


2 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. You inspire me to go back to writing more! You have a great sense of vocabulary and imagery included withing your deep readings that makes the read want to read on. MashAllah, keep doing what your doingđź‘Ś


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