The Irony

This world is filled with ironies. It is filled with us loving those who don’t love us and hurting those who love us as Kendrick Lamar said, and it also has people praising those who shouldn’t be and those who should be praised are condescended upon. We do live in an unfair world and no one ever told us it would be fair, nice or even fair play, but what we see is disgusting. We see channels just talking about “celebrities” who yes there may be righteous celebrities but most of the time all there is to talk about is a new sex tape by just another actor or a new actor in rehab it is disgusting. If this is how it is now how will it be for the generation coming soon who will be surrounded with this and have easier access to it. This is one scary world we live in, the idea that half my classmates come in high to class and the other half wishing they were high is just ridiculous. Justice is supposed to always prevail but it is taking too long, it is our duty for those who find it this corrupt to change it, but the question is, how? How can we go about changing it all, they say if you can’t beat them join them but we cannot subdue to these barbaric customs. The irony that we have advanced for so many years but now we are going backwards. No one did tell us this world would be easy, but they never told us it would be a forever uphill.


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