Sometimes I type countless paragraphs and delete it at the end because I realize how ridiculously immature I sound. That’s the magic of writing, what you don’t like you can simply delete or erase from your sheet and no one will know it was written unless you let them. On the contrary, we go through every day complaining without being able to take it back and whine about the smallest things whether we have “nothing” to wear or not “enough” food in the fridge we forget how there are some who truly have been wearing the same thing for months and others who haven’t had a real meal for countless weeks.We take the fact we have electricity 24/7 while others sometimes lose power for hours, we take the fact we can go shower whenever we want because we have efficient boilers while other countries can’t use their boilers because lack of electricity accessibility. Today we live in some of the world powers with all the things we want in front of us with no problem but tomorrow we are in a nation of corruption, ruin, and decay, oh wait aren’t we in one now, America.


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