Perfectly Imperfect.

I sit in the shower as the water hits my head, my hands cuffed around my ears, as if trying to drowned out the sounds of my thoughts, my head in between my knees, eyes closed and try to comfort myself. I sit and just do nothing, I seek refuge in the loneliness of the shower, I beg for companionship and to make a truce with my thoughts. My thoughts refuse and I begin to pull my hair out from frustration, I am only what I want to be but I am deteriorating from the the reruns of what some have said. Some words are daggers to the soul and the being of a person. I stand in the shower and come to grasp with who I am, I am no angel, I am no devil, I am human. I am caring, and loving yet I am also careless and cold hearted. I go on my bed and I begin to type this entry only to realize that I will never be a “man” in some’s eyes and I don’t have to be. My fingers tremble as I type in every word, my eyes tear up again as the words echo in my head, my heart races and adrenaline back into my system infuriating me, but it doesn’t mean I will fall, doesn’t mean I’ll break down I am only as great as the legend I leave behind me, I will leave an imprint on world as big as the significance of the words that have been yelled at me. We all have our flaws and we all have our benefits but we are all perfectly imperfect that is the beauty of it, that is what makes us human. Don’t let anybody tell you your’e something you aren’t.


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