We are a love crazed money hungry self determined generation. We sit and preach love and peace for all but do not realize on our search for money our imperialistic and capitalistic methods destroy any chance of peace and love. So we are left with two choices, humanity, or wealth and it seems our recent grandparents and or even parents have chosen one of wealth because yes it makes this life easier but they forget that it isn’t how we merely live in this lifetime but what we leave for the lifetimes after us. The people who are truly revered like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Albert Einstein, and so on and so forth who will always be paid contribute but didn’t live their lives with luxuries and priorities that most don’t have. Even though they didn’t have the wealth our parents and even our generation thrives for they had a different wealth, one of respect and admiration. We are influenced to get degrees that pay bills and give us a life that is not stressed by money even though we may have a heavy conscious because we aren’t pursuing our dreams. The love we bear is no gift but a curse because we love and cherish materials more than the one who produced the material.


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