The World As We Know It.

The world we live in today is a mysterious one, one of quit interesting and mischievous ways. We walk around in the city to see one person we will never see again majority of the time and if you do you don’t recognize each other. We are surrounded by strangers yet we are comfortable, we find solidarity with each other and some of us even seek refuge in such environments. The irony that our ancestors prided themselves off their tribes and now we pride ourselves on strictly our self achievements. I can’t tell if we are advancing as a community or digressing as a people, our technology keeps on upgrading yet our culture is now deteriorating. The beauty of diversity is almost evaporating from our being and we all just blindly follow mainstream media and want to be just like the big shot hollywood stars rather than like our great ancestors before like the iconic Princess Diana, or the renown Nelson Mandela, or the peace loving Gandhi. Instead of worshiping the stars of today who are infamous for their drugs and acts of foolishness why not look at the unknown heroes of the past why not seeks only the good of the current people in todays media, that isn’t covered by the paparazzi because it isn’t a big enough story for them. Why only focus our attention on their mistakes, we are all humans we all mess up some how why not try to take the good in others? The world we live in now is pretty disgraceful and we follow in the crowd because we find it harder to go against the “current.” Those who live for today are forgotten tomorrow, those who live for tomorrow are forever immortalized.


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