I am human.

I am the person in the back of the room who sits shyly the first couple of weeks we meet. I am the one who will intently listen to all conversations and not say a word while in class because I am not yet comfortable. I learn everyone before I confront them, I study every part of them from their posture to their hygiene, I analyze every being of a person before I introduce myself because I am contradicted. I am annoying, obnoxious, and social once I become comfortable in my environment but I am also conscious of my surrounding, I realize something changed at times and it makes me nervous. I have been hurt before so I push before it can happen again, I am rude once hurt, and I do onto others what has been done to me even though they don’t deserve it. I am a lost soul in an ambitious body, I crave success but fear betrayal. I am misunderstood yet perfectly associated with society, I am the loudest voice in a gathering yet am the quietest with my emotions. I can talk countless hours about nonsense but not say a word on my thoughts, I vent on my blog because people are cold. I do not expect anything from others but I expect everything from myself. I am an independently dependent social outcast that is so found he is lost. I act as if I am a lone wolf yet at times I am a sheep who cowers in the darkest of corners. My self conscious has made me lose those who were of value to me but I must sadly move on. Then again, aren’t we all the same. I am no different from anyone I walk past at the mall, or on campus. Just as you are human, I am human.


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