Forever Strong.

We are always told to be strong, to keep our chin up because everyone else would love to see us fail. We are told to be forever strong yet not told how to condition ourselves to be the mental warriors we’re meant to be. We all desire this Superman strength from all our problems but aren’t able to even become the Clark Kent he disguised as. We all desire things that we truly whole heartedly know are just impossible, maybe that’s what makes us unique. Maybe the fact that we as people have a sense of hope that other creatures or anything doesn’t have, we hope for advancement, we hope for a peaceful loving world. We aspire for only a prosperous world that is fair and just for all but only to find out that nothing is fair, and to be anything near successful we must acknowledge the fact that this is just one big dog eats dog world. Once we realize that we also realize those who are truly willing to cut anyone off for their own safety net, to make sure that they do not have competition in the running for their trophy. Maybe the fact that we continue having this hope even though we know most of the time they will fail is what makes us strong? Maybe we just understood strength wrong the whole time, maybe it isn’t even just to keep going when the going goes rough but yet to dream and imagine things that even though we are told they are impossible we do everything in our being to see it become more than a thought. Maybe we actually are the Superman’s we always dreamed of, maybe we are stronger, strength isn’t defined and it isn’t a rare trait it is in every single one of us. Strength is what makes you wake up the next day and keep going, strength isn’t Hercules, Achilles, or Superman strength it is me and you.


4 thoughts on “Forever Strong.

  1. Masha’Allah.. you’re a very talented and passionate writer. Your words speak on so many levels. Keep writing, wallah you have an amazing talent☺️ I hope that wasn’t weird?? aha..


  2. lol no problem.. and I mean it. I wish I could write that well, so reading amazing entries like these make me so happy. just thought you needed to know..


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