The Best of Us

We often look at those who are often revered for being the greatest. We often find ourselves looking at others as if they are saints and at ourselves as if we are demons, but what differentiates us and what categorizes us in each section. We all have our own struggles, own problems, own journeys that aren’t known, they are deep within us, so deep that sometimes we don’t even know what they are. We aren’t perfect, or even nearly worthless, we are just human. We have all had our fair share of mistakes and just as much righteousness, who are we to judge others? Sometimes it is those who are so near and dear to you who say words that come out as daggers to your heart but we must remember even if they pretend to like you and may even despise you, you mustn’t stoop to the levels of a two face hypocrite because then you are no better. We are all the best we can be, and we all live learn and move on but those who are truly the best of us are those who do not let the words of others stop them but let them become building blocks to our success and our advancement.All in all, the best of us aren’t the ones who are honored as perfection but those who are infamous for their humanity.


3 thoughts on “The Best of Us

  1. “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about,so be kind always” just read this quote and thought that it relates to it in a way.But really,who needs perfection ? every person is perfect in their own beautiful way.
    keep going! i like to read your blog


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