New Year

As everyone compiles their new year resolutions and everyone starts the year ambitious and determined as they were last year I sit and watch astonished. Astonished by the fact that so many people seek an opportunity to change themselves and get a fresh “new” image when a chance allows. “New year new me,” but why a new you? Why is it that we as people abuse everything and nothing can come in moderation? Yes I agree, no one is perfect but we are not all corrupt to an extent of having to start all over again. Also the idea of a totally new design of a person or anything is one day is far too bizarre, nothing is done in one day or it is done is steps at least. Just as a building has steps on making it rise and prosperous we as people have such necessities in the extension and not removal of ourselves. We grow and adjust but we do not change who we are because if we were to change for anyone or anything even for ourselves we are contributors to this idea that we aren’t content with ourselves, that we need this opportunity to be great when we truly all are amazing souls but we do not require a fresh start just a remodeling done to strengthen our weaknesses and harmonize our souls and body. For this year try not to change yourself as a whole but only merely adjust your inconsistency of times of strength and maybe not even show those who desire your failure to see your doubt. Oh how people love to put others down and deteriorate anyones dreams, this year, stay strong. Forever strong.


One thought on “New Year

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve read something that I can very much relate and agree to. I like that your writing has a good flow and is not overly pretentious. Definitely going to visit this blog again to read more of what your mind and soul has to offer šŸ™‚


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