What a drastic thing it is, life, what a topic of two extremes that are both overly focused on and yet the middle portion totally obscured. We hear stories of those who came from nothing and have made everything with their small opportunities that added up to be significant, then we hear the stories of those that had it all and lost it in a heartbeat. We hear tales of the homeless and we watch and admire those with fortresses and mansions. Have you heard the story of the guy who wakes up 6 in the morning works a 12 hour shifts to go back home to pay bills, barely sees his family or comes home to an empty house and just wallows in his self-responsibilites, no. Why is it that these every day self abiding self-disciplined people are merely overlooked, have you heard of the student who is epileptic yet they go through everyday as strong as a diamond, isn’t that student the hero, isn’t that “average joe” not so average. These are the people you pass through everyday, when you walk passed someone who is infuriated and they let it out on you, how do you react, just as impulsive? Do you ever sit and ponder, “I wonder what was going through their mind,” I do not ask you to put yourself in their shoes because that is oh so impossible, we do not know others mental limitations and we do not understand one another whatsoever. Life, such a diverse topic, some may have so many hardships in their life but still consider life more blissful than someone with no hardships at all, is life really the idea of just breathing and adjusting to your surrounding or is simply to be content, to be considerate and just move on? Is life a daily routine or is it more letting life come to you, it should truly be neither because you mustn’t be irresponsible and just sit around, you must do what you need to do but you also should have a part in your day where you just walk around admire your surroundings because what you have some others would kill for, remember someone always has it worse. Life is, life is life.


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