To My Past

Dear My History,
I write this letter not to mourn on the memories that will not be relived or not experienced again. I do not write this letter to seek refuge from you from my sins I have committed in my lifetime. I do not come seeking acceptance of a meaningless apology, I write this in acknowledgement of everything I have done and or come by in my lifetime. I may only be at a mere age and have not even got a little taste of what you have in store for me. No matter how many years pass by I always reminisce on the experiences that have made me who I am, I shall not regret what we have gone through and I will not disregard any unpleasant times we went through. I do not come to you as a menace but neither as an ally, History you have treated me fairly and I mustn’t praise what I’ve gone through but I also mustn’t abhor our time. Oh how I’ve looked back into the histories of some of the greatest and who we refer to as the most honourable of men and woman and all of them have struggled and their history would not have been our history without their hardships. We all had our fair share of hardships and none should be overlooked but today I merely come to make amends old acquaintance of mine. History, you have brought me laughter, joy, happiness, tears, grievances, frustration, good times, bad times, amazing people, and of course horrid people; History you have introduced me to people who have now become family and you have showed me others who show the antagonism that we all have to face, so I owe you a whole-hearted thank you. I will never forget how you have made me who I am today and how you were the foundation of me and the success I will god willingly encounter in my future. Thank you my History.
Your Future.


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