I ponder on a future that might be in store for us, I wonder of how our tomorrow will be. They say every generation gets more open minded, more understanding and considerate, but if you were to ask any of our grandparents they’d say we’re losing our humanity, sanity and self-respect whether it is because our clothing, style, language, or lack of respect our generation seems to be going down this spiral of too much no censorship. Not a censorship of knowledge or truth but of ourselves, physically and mentally, we are going through this phase in humanity where we demand to know which celebrity got permitted into rehab rather than the famine in “third world” countries. Such an atrocity it is how selfish we have become, we have excess of our substances but people still lack simple necessities. When I was a child they promised us flying cars, prosperity and no more war, maybe not directly but in every movie, every subliminal message was absorbed and praised and looked forwarded too but as I age and grow I realize, no one is trustworthy and dependable so we mustn’t expect nothing anymore. As for the world’s future I do not know what our society holds for us but each one of us must know our futures are held in our own hands, we all affect a small radius of people but oh how that circle can grow. So when leaders of today look at us and say the future is in our hands, it isn’t simply we will change the world by what we do alone but more as as we influence our small clique each one of people in that group affects another one and it works as such a universal matters. We shouldn’t look for the long run but we should look at what we want to see simply tomorrow, what do I want to change infront of me, and I go and change that. You get what you want and fight for at the end of the day so fight for yours and do not let anyone take what you crave.


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