True Love

Read this and then close your eyes and take a minute to imagine what I tell you, think of the ones you love all of them whether they are siblings, parents, friends, or significant others. Got them in your head? Now continue to think about how your love is with each and every one of them, is it a selfish love, is it a pure love, is it a selfless love or is it all of them mashed into one? It is such a great and powerful love, such a rare thing isn’t it, it probably still puts you in awe how much you can simply love someone? But what is love? What makes your love a love, is it the fact you simply care for someone or is it the fact that you would go to hell and back 5000 times and still do anything for them? Is there a limit to your love, is there a point where you say that you won’t pass and you won’t be selfless anymore, do you only love for the fact to be loved back or do you love because it’s just societies norm? So many questions so little time, love has been something we see on t.v screens and theatres and hear in our songs and it has been twisted into something of such high and weird expectation that people aren’t satisfied. With social media we’re exposed to the good and the bad and we see the truth and horrid lies but where does this lead us, it has us think that love is only simply a fairy tale, that we will all have a story of cinderella and prince charming, but isn’t it the fact that you can argue and you can fight and you can be in hell but still have your bit of heaven with the people you love? I am no expert of love but I can see the corruption in the ideas that we have of love today and it’s fueled by our mainstream media and we all want that “perfect” relationship or family or friendship but our ignorance doesn’t see the true beauty in love which is the fact that we can be ourselves to others and not be judged but welcomed and even made better by that person and become better than we were or are. Love isn’t about flowers and chocolates it’s about a bond so unbreakable and so undiminishable that when you see those people you love you automatically feel almost at home even if you’re in the most alien of place.


4 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Wow! I am in awe at the amount of emotion portrayed in your writing. I just read all your posts and I have to say Mohammed, you are truly talented MashaAllah. Please continue writing, I am a fan.


  2. This is incredible. You were so right about the portrayal of love in the media. Towards the end of your piece a smile crept onto my face. It’s really beautiful and relatable

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