A Great Getaway

I dream of a road that isn’t luxurious with its street lights and cement. Dream of a road true to nature that lead me home, far away from the stress and nuisance of society. I dream every day of a place so unique that it is undermined and undervalued by society but so true to its roots that it captivates you with it’s fruits. A land that as I sit here mourning over its beauty it flourishes into an oasis from this desert known as society, every step is as if a walk on a cloud and every wiff of air is as if you smell the wonderful aromas of the greatest most renown exotic flowers even if you walk in a bare valley. I close my eyes here to vent this as if it is getting harder to remember, I miss the aromas of my heaven on earth. The most beautiful thing about this is that it isn’t the land or geographical features that makes this place so unique or so significant to me, and if anything to me it may be paradise but someone else hell, it is the love and passion that an individual has for something that makes it so infatuating. We all have our own escapes whether it is in the arms of your mother or it is in sports or it simply is the solitude, when we care we learn to seek and bring out the best in everything. It is a compassion so strong that when you look back at it whether you haven’t visited it or experienced it in a while that it becomes hard to come to grips with an old love. Our compassion is what makes us human and humanity seems to be depleting more and more every day. Everyone needs their great getaway, whether it is a person, place, or thing it is unique to us all and diverse as a whole.


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