What’s one of the best things you can do to someone who is a total stranger or someone who is another spectrum and is direct family? Smile. But isn’t a smile a simple revered mask for those who choose to separate themselves from the reliance and weakness in emotions that only slow them down? Isn’t it ironic how the girl that you see walking the hallways of school with the smile that lightens your heart but she faces epilepsy, or how the that person you see at work every day with that selfless smile faces battles with Leukemia. Smiles are so beautiful but they’re so beautiful that they blind us from the reality that it is only a mere illusion, and it is the biggest illusion that our generations will never realize or awaken from. We automatically connect that a smile means happiness when it is usually the opposite, those with the brightest of smiles face the largest challenges sometimes.Oh how the smiles hide the sorrows and the pains, how the pains seep through their eyes no matter how hard they try to hide it. That emptiness they feel is seen through their eyes if you stare hard enough and you see the vast hollowness of their soul. Next time you’re confronted by a smile look into their eyes and I’ll bet that you can see how lost and how frail their soul really is.


2 thoughts on “Smile

  1. This is so true. Often people in effort to be strong will mask their vulnerabilities with a smile, somehow assuring us and themselves everything is going to be alright. We should look deeper to find out who this person is and how they feel.


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