Lately my eyes have truly opened and my soul has finally accepted the deceitfulness of people, my heart has been conditioned for the fact that people just simply leave. No one is ever permanently in your life, if they don’t leave willingly then death will catch up to them. No lover, brother, sister, accomplice, mentor, or enemy will stay. Whether they use you or they simply just get tired of you, people leave, it is life, it is just a big cycle some people just simply delay their departure from your life as they see fit. Human nature sadly prides itself on how efficient it is on using things and persons, only when benefit is seen does one befriend another. Learn that expectations onto others merely disappoints no one but yourself, the only person you should expect any standards from is yourself. We should all expect the most from ourselves and only ourselves because our future only affects us and only will result in our net happiness at the end of the day. If we all held the expectation that we put on others onto ourselves we would all be in a way better place than we are now. I have only changed one thing and that is instead of putting my high expectations for others I removed the person and put a mirror, I’m now staring at myself dead in the eyes and ask if I’m ready, ready to be the change, ready to succeed to the point all those who have left will try to come back, I will not just achieve my goals but overachieve tenfold, my success isn’t a craving anymore it is a necessity. My expectations are my development to becoming a legend leaving a legacy that people will study and marvel at. I leave you with this in mind, how much do you expect from others, now put all that expectation of others onto yourself, how driven do you feel, how ambitious are you for that success? Keep that deep within you and every day you wake up you’ll wake up hungrier than the day before for that taste of achieving things you never thought you would and could reach.


One thought on “Expectations

  1. People get bored, yes that’s true. But being restrained to leave an air of mystery so that that doesn’t occur can also make you blockade. People either choose to remain a mystery and hopefully gain an excitement about themselves or be an open book and live in the fear of being removed from someone’s life because boredom. I personally tried to be restrained but some people bring it out in you. I hope they don’t get bored of me


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