Who’s Good Enough?

Remember in elementary school when you would be in gym and the teacher would hand select their favorite students to be the captains of teams and each team would take turns picking people they want on their teams, it was sort of selecting the best and leaving the worst for the end. You know how this cycle would continue until even high school but of course selection now is sort of different do to each captains bias. I remember the gym teacher my freshman year of high school actually picked me as one of the captains and I made a point to pick the kids who are always left out first and you could see the shock in these kids faces, you can just feel their thoughts how in their heads they’re sitting there wondering is this a mistake. This is a petty reference for a more vast topic in which our society seems to found itself on, the idea that we are not good enough. Everyday we are compared to someone else who is the model person whether it is for our parents, our peers, our mentors, or just accomplices. We always seem to fall short to the expectations of others and it slowly deteriorates our self confidence. Words that which seem to compare us to others are daggers and they cause hate for others, you start to loathe that person that you are being compared to and you just can’t seem to rid yourself of such a vile envy. What if that person that you are being compared to is being compared to someone else? What if I told you this is an endless chain that which seems to being looping in an infinite cycle, but doesn’t that mean the “best” of us is being compared to the “worst” of us? Shows you that we all have our own unique strength in which should be admired and acknowledged because at the end of the day not one specific person is good enough because we are all good enough. With this in mind, I beg of you to realized how great we all are, to accept our faults and build on our strengths are strengthen our weaknesses but not to be as good as anyone else other than the future we put OUR own expectations on.


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