Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, yesterday was a day where I trembled at night in the corner of my room, it was a day in which I seeked acceptance and forgiving arms for the mistakes in which I cannot forgive myself for. Yesterday was a day in which I stayed stuck in the things I have done, it was a time where I was stuck on who I met and what happened with them, yesterday I was mourning. Today is a different day, today I sit in the acceptance of my past and hopeful eyes for the tomorrow, today is a day where I wonder who I’ll meet tomorrow, and never forget the ones I met yesterday, for everyone has a special impact in your life whether you wish for them to or not. Such a astonishing world we live in today, one where people are used and materials are tried to stay preserved, we pride ourselves on what surrounds us and not who surrounds us. We’re more concerned on who follows us rather than who builds us to become better leaders. I honestly grow disgusted by our lifestyle, one where even when we’re surrounded by our beloved ones we would rather notify all our social media followers than be grateful for the company that which surrounds us now. What a rare thing it is to have people who genuinely care for you, what a beautiful thing it is to have someone to rely on. Today I do not quiver to the remanence of the memories I have with people, I am content, I am merely growing and developing. I do not regret for the high hopes I put in mankind I only regret the fact I will not be able to have you accompany me me in my future success. For those in which I did, do not think I will let it diminish in vain, I promise in the future I will make amends for my wrongs to you, but know this, I never broke my promise, I will be your support when your foundation breaks down, I will not forget for what we once attained, a friendship so pure and beautiful that which will never leave me, you built me to who I am today, you established me and were my beacons of light when the room was at its darkest. I may be content with what I have today but I still have to atone my mistakes. My future is bright and i will make sure it is bright enough to shine a light and brighten my past.


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