Heart That Grew Cold

This is the story of the child whose heart grew cold, whose heart grew timid and cold as the coldest day in winter. The story not portrayed in our everyday lives, the ones shunned from us as we were younger and oblivious to the truth and harshness of this dark and unforgiving world. The child that grew up watching his disney channel princes and princess’ have all their dreams fulfilled and lived happily ever after, the child that was just as average as any other child. The child that was raised on stories that filled their mind with endless hope and tales of average kids just as they grow up and become well known and praised for their lucky miracles, the tales that never failed to stimulate the gleam in the child’s eyes to glimmer. This child grew, experienced middle school with some irrelevant badger from the kids, after entering high school and enlightenment began to dim the light that gleamed from the child’s eyes, enlightenment of a world so cruel and unlike what disney, cartoon network, our parents and our peers failed to warn us of, a world that the child realized that not everyone has a heart as big as them and a world whose intentions aren’t as pure as theirs but deceitful and cruel. The child realized that no matter how hard they tried to shun the badgering the child realized words sometimes are just as dangerous as daggers, so the child was cautious with their words and used beneficence addressing all but only received maleficence in return. The child’s heart grew colder as days went by, even though the child is well above the age of a child, the child will remain a child at heart in hopes of a world that will take their cold heart and make it bright again. This world has made not just this kids heart cold and hard but it has destroyed the spirit that was once alive, exuberant, and ambitious to make a world that was portrayed in the movies and story books, now the child just strives to stay alive and avoid the daggers that sometimes cut deep to the bone.


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