I usually do not post in the morning, not because I desire to hide my thoughts or my posts to people or not because that is when I’m free at night but because I push my thoughts so far away from me in the morning and then at night they eat inside out, but today it seems I relapsed. Today I was content I went about my day and then I sat, just to relax and a wave of thoughts took over my consciousness, it’s as if I have been taken over, I am not depressed and I am not bipolar for I did not just get like this from a random wave of thoughts, I sit every day and I only see murder and chaos on the news. I am not depressed I am human, I sit every day to read the news and see more inhumanity happening to humanity, I see people killing others for money, for paper, I see the earthquakes that take hundreds, and I see hell on earth. I watch the news to see hell rise as I look at my generation and see money hungry selfish and inhumane humans, how ironic those whose parents were known for hard work and protesting for civil rights are having their children enslaved by such a materialistic and ugly world. We went from a time where we fought for the rights of all to have them stripped from us by technology, even the fact that I come to vent to a screen enslaves me to such a horrific world that prides itself on things that won’t last, like money, technology, even fame. I listen to songs that praise getting money and doing drugs, I hear musicians, who are some of the most influential role models in society, telling our generations to be careless even though the world needs our attention the most now. I hear the things our generation talks about, it’s truly despicable, and it’s depressing. I am not depressed I am just simply losing hope, on days like today I just contemplate and am astonished on the fact that we could be so greedy, and so ignorant to the fact that the world is so much larger than we picture it, so many people struggling and fighting for their lives, I beg of you not to be totally selfless because then you will be taken advantage of but I beg of you to be human, it seems the more we advance as society the more we lose ourselves. The thoughts are grotesque they’re thoughts of hopelessness, they’re thoughts that destroy aspirations and they’re thoughts that are justified, they’re thoughts based off the actions that this generation’s prides itself on, I pray for a free world, more importantly I pray for free minds for it seems we’re all enslaved whether it is money, sex, or drugs, free yourself before it’s too late.


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