It’s the recession, not an economical recession, Wall Street didn’t crash, this is a different type of recession, this is the recession in which your soul slowly begins to fade in the depths of the darkness that resides in the corners of your mind. This is an emotional recession where your mind begins winning battles with your heart and your heart slowly begins to believe the pessimistic and doubtful thoughts that linger in your mind throughout the day and attack you at night, you know those thoughts? The ones that pounce at you right when your eyes get heavy and then you realize it is only the calm before the storm because the darkness behind your eyelids flood with so many images and memories and thoughts that you’re better off with your eyes just wide open and staring into the emptiness that you lay in, what seems to be solitary confinement. This is a recession that can be caused by absolutely nothing, and you know what? It is totally normal, we all need to feel bad, we need to know heartbreak to know love, we need to know grief to know happiness. You see this may be an emotional recession and it may feel the beginning of a fall that will never end, but when it does end it can only get better, after the darkest part of night does the sun rise. This is a time that we cannot say will get better by tomorrow and we cannot say when it will end, we do not know when dusk will come and it will attack and haunt us like a shroud of clouds over our head but it doesn’t mean you won’t grow stronger. Mankind has grown to evolve and overcome so many things but yet we can never shun our emotion, we cannot act as if we do not feel no matter how hard we try, to evolve and overpower such a strong thing is to accept it, only until you accept that you have bad in your life will you embrace the good and appreciate it.


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