The Cycle

At the end of the day isn’t it all a cycle? Everything from life and death, from oxygen to carbon dioxide, to blood in the body to everything around us, we’re all just a part of a simple cycle and we at the end have no power of this cycle. The cruelest of these cycles is the cycle of people, and not of their life and death but of their emotions, we grow older and we all start our lives curious, ravenous if you must to seek the answers to everything, we will not take no as an answer or a simple I don’t know as acceptable, we play and and ravishly search and destroy and rebuild things until we have reached satisfiable answers. Then we grow older and society tells us we mustn’t be so haste and that all answers will be answered by a person monotonically explaining to you life in a square room where you mustn’t move and cannot explore what specifically is delightful to you because you must be well rounded according to society. The cycle continues to when you move further in life where you’re judged now by not society but by your peers and how you’re just not accepted in their new clique and you are stereotyped and categorized and you cannot think of being you because well that’s unacceptable yet again. We continue to age and thrown into different dilemmas in each stage and then the next experience is the deepests of the cycles, and it toys with your emotions and it’ll either permanently leave you a caterpillar or you can flourish into a beautiful butterfly. This part of the cycle has you used and destroyed by those nearest to you and dearest to your heart, it has you destroyed so deep down that you wish not to continue the cycle you desire to end it all. Some of us rise and do flourish and learn to help others and to try to make everything better for them and ease it all and they’re as if caretakers and they seek to raise everyone above the rubble. On the contrary the others who never heal do onto others what has been done to them, they fuel this cycle and it seems to never end because their are so many more hurt than healed. Saddest thing of all is that the anger pursues more than the love and the hurt scars deeper than the love can heal the heart. Maybe we’re just doomed to be slaves of this cycle.


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