Ironically Disconnected

We live in a time and era where we are connected through every aspect we can ever desire, from the handhelds always in our pockets to the social media streaming from every piece of technology we touch we are connected to each other to this giant web that is worldwide. We are so near each other yet we are so distant to each other. We have Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and so many other networks that tie us together yet we insist on untying that knot that could be connections to wonders we could have never expected. Funny because when I was younger and I heard of mySpace and the development of Facebook i went through hoops to get my first social network and now that I have grown and my social networks have grown with me the more active I was on my networks the farther I grew from people. It’s just ironic because the more these networks grow the further we grow from each other, we’d rather text and tweet and post to each other than enjoy each other company we enjoy more the posed┬ásmiles of each other than the natural candid beauty that reside in a good time. Sometime I just wonder what has the grip on what, do we grip onto our handhelds or do our handhelds and social medias grip onto us.


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