Dysfunctional World

My world is perfectly dysfunctional, my world is surrounded by chaos and doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. I have times where everything is perfect, but just finds itself all crashing down all so suddenly. Once it crashes again I see how the birds don’t chirp harmoniously anymore and the breeze of the air doesn’t seem refreshing but now feels like it’s choking me. The world around me becomes so distasteful, I see the hypocrisy of other and two faces of so many others, sometimes I think that I can’t blame myself because I see people seeping with ignorance and I witness first hand how people kiss up to someone then turn around and spit on them. I find myself loathing the fact that I am affiliated with some people who infatuate over pointless materialistic finite things. I find myself talking to so many people yet having pointless small talks that all are drowning with senselessness and idiocy, for their perspectives are all shaped by mainstream media and there is no sense of self dignity. People fall short of any sense of interesting to me and everything is so bland unless I’m alone because I take my time and start reappreciating things. What makes it all worse is when people come in my life and things just seem to be coming together and then they stomp all over it all and I’m disposed of instantly and I reside alone yet again. The only functionality I find throughout my day is when it isn’t day, it’s when it’s pitch black and I’m in my room staring alone in the night for as they say ignorance is bliss and not knowing what happens in that darkness is truly soothing.


2 thoughts on “Dysfunctional World

  1. Have you ever thought that maybe you’ve never brought up such topics to people do discuss or possibly made them feel that way about you?


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