I have a question for anyone reading this, who are you? Are you the joyful person when everything goes your way or are you truly the person you are when you’re infuriated or upset or fed up? What truly defines you your outbursts when you’re happy or when you’re betrayed? Let me put you in my point of view, I believe your true personality is what breaks through when all is lost. I believe who you are is the person when the other person means nothing to you, I believe the way you treat strangers is who you are, I believe that the way you treat those who meant the world to you and now are nothing is who you are. I believe that no matter how many secrets you kept to yourself when all was good if you spread the secrets when hell breaks, you aren’t trustworthy I believe you’re the exact opposite. Your personality isn’t who you are to a friend but to a foe, for I realized the hostility that seeps through so many old acquaintances that approach me when all is said and done. No matter how good you were when everything was bliss I believe if you’re inconsiderate when chaos approaches or approached that you’re truly horrendous. Some of the biggest hypocrites are those who claim to be a pillar for you but when push comes to shove and support is all that is needed and they’re no where to be seen those are the true hypocrites. Promises aren’t made for when times are good they’re made for when there’s no reason to keep your word but you do because who you are makes you. With this in mind, I leave you with this, reevaluate yourself how cold have you become to those who meant the world to you and are no longer present, when all was done did you keep your word or do you bash them now, did you keep your promises or are you a liar?


6 thoughts on “Personality.

  1. Remember to take your own advice. It’s easy to forget the good time you had with someone if the image becomes tarnished, but the image is still there. You may be unaware of the affect you have on people or have had. I forgot that I had an impact on hurt the closest people around me, but have mended all those bridges. Mend them, because there’s no such thing as ‘too late’, because I can tell from your writing your missing a piece of you. A piece you may have discarded.


  2. This is bullshit. A person can have moments of being dark but that doesn’t determine them. No one is one person. They’re a mixture of their experiences. If someone was treated bad, they can be the most welcoming. It’s not them at the worse that determines them, it’s them after. It’s why they have foes. You seem to be living in this crystal covered world. Are you telling me you’ve never treated anyone bad? If yes, have you ever fixed it? Or did the other person? But that doesn’t determine you. It’s what you do now. Don’t judge people.


    1. You can claim its bullshit and you have every right to have your own opinion but I believe in that brief moment when a person is controlled with rage that they say the things or do things they may have desired to do in a long time, I am not perfect I have hurt people as well and I’m not prejudging anyone I speak of my experiences with people and I’m just shining a light in another perspective or hypocrisy you may fix things after all the anger and that shows another aspect of your personality but when you’re mad and you hit someone or cuss them out you have thought of it before and in all this anger you finally had the power to say it. Whether you agree or not is your choice but I believe your anger releases the things you’ve suppressed so long from that person.


      1. Okay I see your point about suppression. But for me I see silence being much worse. To leave someone out in the cold and not have the strength to say something is equally as bad as you end up driving that anger. Silence and removing someone out of your life without saying a word is a cowardice. But I have said awful things to members of my family in anger and have meant none of it. It’s how I show remorse which defines me


      2. Also I don’t like when people create rules. I think that’s why this post annoys me. By saying such things and creating a set of social rules which you use to define behaviours. We have a million neurons in our body with hundreds of chemicals which control the 7 billions humans on earth. To say we are all the same due to creating these rules and saying everyone’s behaviour can be categorised is stupid. I think the author needs to look at himself and everyone as independent. Not everyone behaves like him, so an action to him may mean one thing and something opposite to another.


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