They huddled across the fire, and they all poured themselves out, they fumed the fire with their secrets and guilt and most of all their fear. They turned to the boy and they said, “You haven’t spoke today, you haven’t fumed the fire with your spite or fear as we have, you haven’t sparked the firewood with your secrets, why do you stay quiet, do you fear anything, do you fear anyone?” He stared, lost in the fire, and he trembled, he opened his mouth and mouthed one word, he froze as his heart raced, he uttered the word now, “Commitment.” Now he’s as if transported into his deepest nightmare, he showed pain in his face, he took a long pause before continuing even though his body seemed reluctant and sweat shot down from his forehead, and he just now muttered with his head low as if mumbling,”I will engulf your fire with my fear, I will start a wildfire with this fear I possessed for I know it is the worst of all fears. For I fear giving myself to not just people but even to myself, oh how much so I fear attachment and giving my all to a person who can simply walk out whenever they please. My fear is stronger then your fire for I am not alone, it resides in every single one of us and what makes it so wretched isn’t that it can engulf this fire but us as who we are.” The boy became cold now, as cold as he is when he throws people away, the cold demeanor he uses to show he’s carelessness, the attitude he used to brush off the things that meant the most to him;”I fear no one but myself, my detachment from not just people but the world, for I am always ready for my exit, I fight for none and and escape at the first sign of attachment.” He rose now, he stared in all their eyes, “I am dehumanized and have become detached from my soul and body, I have no one not even myself, for my fear has become my reality and my reality is society’s reality, so close together yet detached beyond repair.” Now the fire turned off abruptly and he stared now in the eyes of the awoken and terrified for their truth has been revealed and nothing was left other then themselves and their thoughts.


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