I’ll Wait

She stormed out of sight today, so angry and weary of the troubles of the world. She stormed out without a word uttered to me as I watched the last strand of her beautiful hair disappear before I could say a word, so I began to wait her return. I sat there growing anxious to see her once, oh so beautiful face yet again, I sat there patiently impatient to see that strand of her hair just once more. Time was elastic, for every second felt an hour and every minute felt a day and every hour felt as if a year. I stayed steadfast to believe she’d return by constantly remembering the beauty she brought to my world and how everything without her is so dark. I’m still waiting, I think she won’t come back anymore, the world has become too much, too much bloodshed, too much heartache, and her beauty simply seemed useless to her. She grew tired of seeing no change but I will wait, I know her heart is too kind and too warm to leave not just me but all of us all in this cold, dark night. I knew she was more than just a beautiful face, she was the only one to shine light on us all, her light brought warmth, that sometimes warmed even the coldest of bones. She shunned no one and had open arms for us all, like a mother to her children. She is worth waiting for, to capture her beauty just once more, for that I’ll wait. I’ll wait to see her peak her head over the horizon just once more, even if it is the last time, for her warmth was what I lived for, her light expelled even the darkest of corners, even the ones that resided in my heart. I pray for her though, I pray for the day she can shine over the horizon without the pain anymore, without the agony or heartache and sorrow she see’s daily, not for my sake but for hers. She’s bound to rise any moment now but for now I’ll wait.


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