Gone But Never Forgotten

Gone but never forgotten, you left and everything you brought out and all the things that you brought in with you have gone. You left today but you left nothing of you at all, you totally wiped your existence away from my life. You brought out so many smiles, warm feelings, and a lot of good in my life. I guess because the new year that I should try to get it over with it to walk into the next year with a positive outlook. You took a big chunk of me when you left, you were the beacon of light at the end of the tunnel. You ripped out the beauty of my day and deprived me of the warmth of the sun even on the brightest of days.All that I was, was all that you saw, you helped a feeble human and the strength you brought to me is gone now as well. Rest in peace, not just to the memories but the me I will only have with you.


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