This is the story of the boy who learned what it meant to mature, this is the story of a boy who was brought into this world with no one but his mother. This story begins when his mother was crying one day and a little boy asked his mother what is wrong and she vainly replied that she simply was maturing. He ran around day in and day out after that wondering what it meant, that word she said, maturing. One day he came home and told his mother how much older he was getting and how with his age he will mature and she simply smirked and told him to mature isn’t simply to age and he will see in due time. He continued his search of maturity, his search took him far and wide, he learned to love more than just his mother, he learned to be caring, he learned to be understanding. After every new life lesson he learned he would seek his mother to see if he finally found that maturity, but every time she would have the same expression and repeat the same thing, “in due time.” His mother began to age and he now searched rigorously for this answer for maturity and he would confront her every day and ask her, “mommy have I found the answer yet, have I matured just as you have,” and the same expression flushed over her face. He did’t know what to do now, he watched her on her death bed, now he watched over her. He had learned so much from life, but he has not had to deal with the loss of anyone, he never had to deal with anyone leaving him. Her heartbeat was growing more faint, and his eyes swelled up, he broke down and just before she left she leaned to him and told him, “Your time has come my love, you now know what maturity is.” “


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