The Prayer

His nights grew longer than ever now, his thoughts were now unbearable. He ponders wide awake thinking of the trail of bodies he has left behind him and his mind racing with so many memories. All the people he has destroyed and now it seems life’s chaos has now come around and he is getting what he deserves. He walks in a dark hallway that seems endless now, he see’s no end to it and his knees grow weak. He falls to the ground, hands clutch the floor and he weeps, he heard how prayer is medicine to the soul so he begins. He doesn’t know where to begin, he reminisces on all the people he has come across, the joy they brought him, and then he remembers the sorrow he brought them. The further he thinks back the more he realizes,even though unintentionally, he was deserted people that gave him their all. He punched the ground now, he couldn’t pray for forgiveness, he deserves no forgiveness for no matter what he faces it is nothing to what he has done to those he hurt. His head now to the ground he prays to the one above, he prays not for happiness, not for forgiveness but for their happiness, for them to get what they deserve, utter joy in this world of sorrow. He is broken, he rolls up on the ground, and he keeps repeating, “God please if you’re there please grant them all their hearts desire and more,” never to move again.


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