He sat in the corner, and sounded like a broken record, he kept saying, “Silence, silence please. I beg of you please be quiet.” Only one issue, he was alone, he sat in a room alone in the depths of the night with no one other than the dark and kept begging for silence. He  heard them constantly, the sounds that lingered in the darkness, they weren’t demons nor were they angels they were his thoughts. The thoughts of the things he wish he said in the day, the thoughts of those he hurt, the thoughts of those who hurt him, his thoughts they grew so heavy and he now is punching his head begging for them to stop. He screams, wobbles in the corner, he sobs, he seeks for the end of all of it, he wants it all to stop, the pain, the sorrow, all of it can end with the silence. How can he achieve that type of silence though? How can he free himself from an unconscious self torture? He heard the thoughts laughing at him, he heard them beckon him to end it all to end himself. He told them he deserved it, he deserved this torture, they grew loud and his sanity grew weak. He screamed, he begged for them to just leave him alone, he felt himself losing this battle, he goes to war every night but today it seems he will not see dusk. The thoughts laughed maliciously at the sight of him losing all sanity, they watched as he began bashing his head to the wall seeking an end to it all. He cried as he tried to stop himself but it was involuntary at this point he begged for them to leave him be, the pain grew unbearable but it was a type of pleasurable pain, the thoughts weakened the more he continued. He lost himself now, he began the night praying to see just one last sunrise, but he couldn’t stop he continued to bash his head not only to silence the thoughts but himself, not just for a day but forever.


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