The Journey.

He stumbled, he wandered this world clueless of where to go and how to go about this vastness of a world. He looked up every once and awhile and found a person standing there pointing where to go and he would stumble along and continue on his way. He walked through pathways, hallways, teared down buildings, cemeteries, parks, he walked through most of this world without once stopping and enjoying the scenery. He found himself getting lost every once and awhile not knowing where to go and would look up and see another person telling him where to go and he would blindly obey. He grew weary now, he grew tired of blind obedience, he would try to stop once and awhile on the trails and enjoy the smell of the air, and the people that were all walking the same path. He only saw that they were just as him, he realized his life wasn’t his life and he pushed and shoved and tried to salvage himself from the wreckage of this so called life. He found himself pulled back in time and time again and he just gave up the more it happened, he began losing hope in his battle with the norm. He looked up frequently to see some people were wide eyed and were enjoying the things he couldn’t and he envied them, he wished to know the joy they knew. He stumbled more and found himself behind the herd, he found himself for once alone on this journey, he was petrified not knowing where to go and he rushed to find the rest only to find no one. He ran until he couldn’t feel his legs anymore, he yelled for help until he lost his voice, he grew more scared until he found another person that helps direct the rest. He stared dumbfounded into the eyes of this living sign, and they simply rose their hand and pointed where to go but this time for once, he turned around and just walked away, finding his own path now, on his own journey. He doesn’t know where this journey leads to, he doesn’t know where to begin but he wants his own way, he wants his own life, and if he doesn’t start now when will he.


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