Is it enough yet?

I dropped everything for you,

Is it enough?

I’ve left so many to be there when no one else was,

Is it enough?

I’m changing myself for you,

Is it enough?

I’ve jumped through hoops and over fences for you,

Is is enough?

I was there even though you weren’t there for me,

Is it enough?

I answered every phone call even at 3 am,

Is it enough?

I’ve given you every inch of my being,

But was it enough?

You took everything,

But it doesn’t seem like it was enough.


5 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Sometimes we question whether we’ve given all the right parts of ourselves to the wrong people. What then? How do we redeem our souls? The sanity of our minds. The tenderness of our hearts?


  2. The question was never were you enough…because the truth is you are enough. The heart will heal and eventually the pain will fade into nothing, but a faint scare. A scare that will remind you that you were enough, despiste all of the pain you felt the moment she walked away. Truth is she was probably scared of what could have been. God puts people in our loves to teach us a lesson, those that leave have finished their lesson. Those that stay still have a lot to teach us.

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  3. Im not really sure if you wrote this from your own experiences but I just wanted to say that nothing is every enough until your own heart says it is. Until you’ve gave it your all. Or even if you didn’t give it your all.. Just know that in a world full of beautiful souls, you’re heart and passion will always be enough for someone.

    Idk why im feelin like my comments to you dont matter- but you’re that one writer I cant hold back on replying to. Keep shinin’

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