Empty Promises

He crouches in his cell, confided in the walls he put himself in. The walls echo all the promises he once filled the heads of those who would do anything for him. The journey to his cell was a long and cruel journey, he filled his path with broken hearts, soulless bodies, and the emotions of people who once were so vibrant. His cell grows louder through out the day and begins screaming by night. This is no state correctional center, this is no governmentally controlled detention center, this is a prison self inflicted. This is the self inflicted correctional center for the person that is fed up with themselves. His walls and bars that surround him in this cell are built from his own words, he barricaded himself in a tight, solitary confinement that leaves little light for hope. These empty promises slowly took control of him and confined him into at the room without his consent, they seeped into his unconscious psyche and haunt him and punish him for those who he scarred deeper than he ever thought. These empty promises that were once echoed to him from those he thought would never lie to him were reiterated by him to those who thought he would never lie to them. Empty promises that were full to those he told them to now came back heavy with the grief that he caused to his victims, he is a criminal not of common law but of common morals and he now faces the consequences. He cell grow smaller everyday and the light of hope grows even dimmer, and he sees no escape from the bars made by his empty promises and the chains that shackle him made by his self greed and ignorance to accept his mistakes. As the cell grows darker he remembers the smiles he once was the catalyst for and just as he was willing to change and make amends to those whom he has hurt he realizes it is too late for the scares he left will forever haunt them and he sits again, alone and dark for karma has claimed another criminal.


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