The Abyss

He was thrown at the bottom of the abyss with no one but himself to fight for his wellbeing. The abyss was deep and seemed never ending but he began to climb with unwavering belief in himself and his own capabilities. He climbed and succeeded in any obstacle this climb would throw at him, he continued never doubting himself and never losing hope for the brighter days to come after he would climbed this wretched abyss. Days have gone now and he is still alone, his muscles grow weak but his perseverance grows stronger than ever. He looks up and is still not able to see the top yet but he continues to climb. As he climbs he plans for a future ahead and a life that shines hope for his obstacles that he faces at the moment. Months have passed and just as he was about to lose hope he finally sees a gleam of hope for he sees light seeping in the abyss now and he begins rigorously climbing yet again. This time around it’s a bit different, there is someone at the top, he can hear them calling out, he begs and pleads for help and they react immediately lending an open hand. He is exasperated at this point and doesn’t know if he would have been able to continue on his journey. Finally at ease they carry him up and talk him through the wait of being lifted from the abyss, they comfort him, they fill him with joy and hope yet again. He now dreams of a future with them, with the one that was there when all was lost, he trusted them, how could he not, they saved him. He neared the top and he now was better, rejuvenated and ready for the world to come, and he wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for them, his hero. He finally was next to his hero and grabbed their hand to be lifted one last time to be free from the torment of the abyss. They held on and smiled in his face but their hands were cold and slippery, just as he held support from beneath him was gone and he was dropped yet again. Alone, at the bottom yet again.


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