He lies there, cold sweats and wheezing trying to attain any type of life he can regain though he is in a bedridden state. He has been poisoned, a poison unknown to any medical team or any medical student to ever research medicine. The poison that has bedridden this man, a poison that taints not just his physical health but his soul. His soul’s essence seems to lose its humanity and is transforming to a much greater evil seen by any exorcist or priest, he is turning so cold, this poison it taints the wellbeing of who you are not just as a human but as a person. As he nears his death he reminisces on the good that was there but it all changes, it is all so bitter now, the memories that once brought him ecstasy now fill his body with  torment. His body cringes just as anyone would cringe biting into a lemon, but he has random attacks at times, the poison at those times seems truly potent in his body, he begins crying and yelling at himself, he is conflicted, he is lost between feeling sorrow or resentment towards himself for letting this poison take over him. Just as any illness he had no choice, this poison enters the body unlike any other poison, it is not consumed by the mouth or injected in the veins but it seeps in through the ear canals, it blurs your judgement and it taints your heart. This poison makes you weak in the knees at the sight of the culprit, it gives you “butterflies” in your stomach and it totally dismantles self-will, this poison has no cure. This poison either enters the body and flourishes and brightens the darkest pits of ones soul for an eternity or it teases the host and brings a time of prosperity to only lead them to their ruin. This poison has led him astray, he is spiraling down a never ending hell. This poison is the words they soothed him with when his day was at its worse, this poison is hope they filled him with when all else failed, this poison was filled with false affection, and it was all coated with three simple words, “I love you.”


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