The Vulnerable

It was a rainy night, the sky showed nothing but remorse as the thunderstorm brewed on. They sat on their sofa one hand coffee and the other the television remote, you smelt nothing but candles throughout the house. The aroma brought a relaxing aura, it seeped through every crevice in the house. Everything was so peaceful in this safe-haven from the storm until a thunderous thumping echoed in the house, it came from the front door. They feared for their safety but regardless looked through the peep hole to see a staggered man at their door. They rushed and opened the door, they welcomed him regardless that he was the exact opposite that they worked so hard to attain in their refuge. They welcomed this man that brought in stench, and dinginess, and they held him for it seemed he could hold himself no more. He slouched over their shoulder having nothing to show gratitude with, he had nothing at all, he came in seek selfish neediness. They had every reason to abolish him from their cozy home but instead they made it cozy for two now, they nurtured him and cultivated him to the upmost highest standards. They let him stay, they washed him up and reminded him of the good this world has. They held him in the darkest of nights when he was rolled up in the corner weeping, they comforted him when he seemed at a dead end. He found new reasons to love again, he found a reason to pray to the God that he chose to shun for so long. They got him on his own two feet now and he took those feet and walked out their door, ignoring that they grew to love him. He felt no remorse, he was cold, he carried himself and nonchalantly walked out the door that once opened and showed him nothing but good. He continued to walk and didn’t look back once, he entered their life once and was vulnerable and now he leaves their life leaving them vulnerable. He lived his life, until it happened again, he relapsed, had no where to turn, so he walked back he went back to the door that once was so hospitable and knocked. No answer.


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