She stood over him, and stabbed him maliciously until you could not tell he was a mere mortal anymore. He handed her┬áthat knife, she came across him one day and she lured him in with her beauty. She drew him in like a moth to a flame, he lusted over his Aphrodite and she made him weak in his knees. He never knew love, and never saw beauty like he saw in her. Her beauty was unmatchable, it wasn’t just her body, but her eyes were like medusas and they stopped a man in his tracks. She didn’t turn him to stone but she grabbed his soul, she grabbed him by his deepest roots of his being, she manipulated him to her will and he could care less. He finally met the woman, the one who made the hair on his arms rise, the one that made his heart pound ravishingly no matter how many times he saw her, he had finally found his love and for that he would give her all she desired. He never thought his love for her would be his own demise. She may or may have not plotted this all out before she met this scum of a man, but she rose him, she made him feel like the richest man alive, she made a mere piece of garbage feel like hidden treasure. She built him, she made him all he was, his pride, his soul, it all entailed her, he knew she became his power source, he knew without her he was nothing. She grew tired of his actions and so he would sacrifice his own self to keep the thing dearest to him, he changed, he tried everything he had to be all she wanted. It wasn’t automatic but he slowly turned the bricks, he slowly tried to please her so she wouldn’t leave. He had almost turned all the bricks to her pleasing but she had grown weary then and began to leave, as she walked out of his life he begged for her to stay. He turned all the bricks but she wouldn’t turn to even acknowledge all he did for her, she bid her farewells but he couldn’t live without her, he begged for one last favor for this man that was now nothing again, she accepted. He trembled, he was now the moth too close to the light, but he grew cold, he handed her the knife, and she began.


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