He woke today in despair, he woke today feeling the worlds sorrow hover over him and suffocating his existence. He woke and dragged himself from bed to hear news of another massacre, he woke today hearing of yet another theft and another cruel regime denying people of even the most basic of all human rights. He struggles day in and day out to find the justice in this world, he carries on trying to find new reasons to carry on and it grows harder by the second. His thoughts are growing suicidal for he cannot find any refuge in this world of terror and pure hatred. He wandered around today trying to find the beauty of the world but he saw nothing but men harassing women, people getting robbed, and police caring less for true justice and he grew so bitter. He prayed above begging for some type of mercy to be let down on this world, for some type of love to come over this world and overcome this powerful hatred. He walked with his head lower than it has ever been growing more depressed with every step he took until he bumped into a child and dropped their food. He was baffled not knowing what to do, he stared in the eyes of this beautiful and exuberant child and begged or their forgiveness. All while this happened the child stared blankly in his face and waited for him to finish to smile and simply give him a hug and say, “oh its okay.” But the smile, the smile the child carried, his innocence it was the purest of love he has seen in the world until he opened his eyes fully.


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