Three Acquaintances

There once was a young man, a man who had three people near and dear to him and we shall call them the three acquaintances. This young man didn’t treat all of them fairly, and surely didn’t always treat them equally. One of them was an old friend, one who reminded him of his past, the hardships and the blessings, the other was a rather new friend and didn’t know what to expect but the third was one he doesn’t know at all but aspires to meet them one day. The man ignored his old friend and never payed him any mind, he constantly tried to shun him and move on from a past he wanted no part of anymore. His new friend was just present, he never sat and enjoyed their presence he simply just carried on imagining and praying to meet the third friend. This third friend was the future he aspired, the boy worked all day and night striving and sacrificing to just meet this third friend even though it always seemed impossible. The young man carried on just as before always striving for that possible future until one day he grew ill, terribly ill. He laid bedridden and had no one by his side, he questioned where everyone has gone, where his friends has disappeared to. They were gone, his past wanted nothing to do with him now just as he wanted nothing to do with him, his present was absorbed in its future he lost hold of it, and his future waited for no one and waited for him to chase it yet again; a chase he will not be able to pursue ever again.


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