It only takes one mere action to cause a lifetime of reactions. We only need one distrustful person to ruin our trust with everyone else. It only takes one weird look to spark a person’s insecurities. Trust, something that takes years to build only needs on things to demolish all that came before it. It takes only one heartbreak for the most vibrant person never love again, its cruel how just one thing can bring rise to so much anguish. It takes one death for a person never want to live again, it takes one injury to be cautious of every action you do from there on out. On the contrary, it only takes one good thing to spark a chain of positive reactions. Sometimes that one doesn’t have to be that bad, it can leave a trail of positivity and vibrance or a trail of infamy and cruelty. It all goes back to that one thing, that sole action that can either make or break a whole lifetime, but no one ever said that one thing cannot be fixed. It’s a job, a harsh, tiring, and seemingly never ending fix, it takes one thing to cause a lifetime of sorrow or joy, and it takes a lifetime to change that one thing. To change that one thing isn’t for anyone, it isn’t for that one love, it is for that one person, the one that resides inside of you, the one person you could of been if you did that other thing. That happier you, it can always be achieved but now inside of walking in the front door it has to climb two stories to get in the same house.


2 thoughts on “One

  1. Just know one thing and for anyone out there reading this. That despite the pain one may revile in, know it is only temporary. God puts us through these test and trials to see how patient we maybe. The toughest battles we go through are not the ones we have with others, but the struggles that we deal with internally. It’s not a matter of trusting others that’s going to be hard, but trusting ourselves to be open and honest so we may allow those around us to see who we are.

    -oh and sorry for commenting so much, but I haven’t been this inspired in a while!

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