What is the fog for, is it really just there to blur the drivers view and cause catastrophe on the roads or does it do more than that. Is fog Mother natures way to protect its children from its inhumanity? Does the fog along the sea shelter the see and blinds it to the pollution that covers its shore and the industrialization that swallows the nature it once used to wash upon? If so, maybe it ought to always cover its seas and meadows for the world has become an ugly place, we pride ourselves on towers and roads that indiscriminately murder species along mother earth. If she could speak to us wouldn’t she scream for her children just as we do, Mother Nature is the greatest oppressed prisoner in his prison of reality. She has her kids murdered, she is tortured continuously and heartlessly day in and day out and never once is appreciated for the life she brings. We preach sustainability instead of reciprocity; we step all over her gifts she bestowed upon us and dare to act as if we only ought to sustain the life given to us. Maybe we do need to lose something to realize its significance to us, I surely hope not.


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