He was known as the most blessed yet most cursed man alive. As he walked through torn down cities people would get close to him, they would praise him and pray for the bestowment God bestowed on this man, but when he walked around the prosperous cities everyone would distance themselves and pray to God that he relinquish this poor man of such a harsh punishment. But just as he walked through the torn down villages the city itself was something of the past, this was the blessing and curse he was given, he was given temporality. All the faces he passed, all the love he received passed just as driftwood flows through a river, but just as the good passes as does the negative. He cherished the temporality when his heart ached, but he loathed it when his loved ones were just as temporary. Though they passed him and he grew prone to the temporality his heart never grow immune, the pain would always hurt, the love would always rejuvenate him, but the heartache, the lost relationships, the pain of the heart didn’t reside in the heart but in his soul. For no matter what his heart isn’t what was broken but his soul was torn bit by bit with every encounter he poured his all in he realized that he could never get it back. This man who was birthed with temporality realized the permanence of and imprint, the imprint of the soul, an imprint that can’t be stamped or drawn on but poured in. This man is life, he was gifted and cursed with temporality but he found permanence with the memories and secrets of those he crossed, that was immortality, it was the imprint you left on the others.


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