A rigid broad shouldered young man sat there in his self-gloom one day when she walked in his life. He was known as the introvert who wallowed to himself throughout the day and she was something of true art. She had long curly hair, a smile as bright as the sun itself, she had the heart of a mother and everyone she crosses was her child. She walked in his life, and she gave that smile that everyone envied and loved at the same time, she brought light into his life by confronting him and giving him her wide eye-to-eye smile with her small dimples. She lowered her elegance for a mere peasant and she comforted and embraced a man who was covered with darkness for so long. He cherished every moment in her warmth, and she never failed to be present on his darkest days and that scared him. He felt for the first time in so long; he felt goosebumps shrivel up and down his body when she gave him a little glance, he day dreamed of her and she occupied every part of his mind. He feared because for once he gave someone that power to bring him so much joy but it always has the reciprical, the power to bring even more distress and for that he went into solitude again. He walked out the door, he left her with no explaination thinking nothing of it, and when he came back crawling on his knees, he had to wait. 

He waited, he wallowed all over again all alone and he prayed for her return, some day. He sat at her doorstep like a lost puppy and scratched on the door praying for her hospitality again. He watched her elegance all over again and had empty day dreams of her return into his life. He watched her elegance but this time without her embracing the peasant, he could only admire and it seemed he would never be admired by her royalty again. He waited at her favorite restaurant, he waited at her favorite park, he wouldn’t lose hope for a future he craved ever so dearly.

He stood fast in his devotion to a future that may or may not occur. But he now doesn’t see her pass-by anymore, he loses all sight of her. He still dreams though, he sees her in his dreams, and she is as elegant as ever and her smile still holds the same shine. He waited for so long at her favorite places but he never seen her again. He hasn’t seen her but he sits at an abandoned house she once tenated, he’s no longer a lost puppy but he won’t budge, he waits and he will always wait.


One thought on “Wait

  1. Fear is the thing that holds us back from jumping into the unknown. We confine our hearts from feeling anything because we are scared of getting hurt. Reality is if we let go of that fear and accept what God has given us, passing through this life would be much more fulfilling. Accepting the love of another and reciprocating that love back would be as easy as breathing. Whoever she is hold on to her, for however long God wants you to. Learn and grow together, for we don’t know what the future holds.

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