It’s Fine

Always happy, never distraught they were the ones who always seemed fine. The ones who seemed to have it all, the loving spouse, the happy family, the perfect job and no matter what whenever you asked them how they were they always said fine. You crossed them everyday and they seemed just as they said, fine, and you believed them, you envied it too, you envied they were fine and you weren’t. Days dragged and you preyed and waited to pounce on the one day that they were vulnerable and hurt. You became like a cheetah waiting in the high grass waiting to pounce on its gazelle and the time grew near and you could tell and prepared. They weren’t fine today, they were unordinarily quiet and they seem irked by something, it didn’t matter to you though, as the cheetah you pounced.

Destroyed, bewildered and distraught, I walked through my days as if I’m fine. My spouse is leaving me soon, they aren’t happy, my family outcasts me I’m not what they wanted, my job eats at my mind, I can’t breath with all the work I’m given. They always watched me from a far and that is why I will make sure I’m not weak around them. I smile, even though it hurts, I laugh most inscincerely but that doesn’t matter, if they ask I won’t hesitate and my voice will be firm when I tell them, “I’m fine.” My sorrow is growing so heavy but I need to push through, they can’t find out I can tell it’s as if everyone is waiting to see me fall. I’m fine. Today is a new day, I have a big day I can’t miss out, but I’m off, it has enveloped me, I’m weak, but I need to go about my day, I see them ready to pounce on me, they can sense my weakness.

“How are you?”

His voice cracks, “I’m fine.”





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